When “You’re Fired” Backfires

In a move that’s drawn inevitable comparisons to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, Attorney General Bill Barr issued a press release after 9 pm on Friday night, announcing the replacement of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. “…I thank Geoffrey Berman, who is stepping down after two-and-a-half years of service as UnitedContinue reading “When “You’re Fired” Backfires”

In Defense of Rioters

By now we all know what happened: a white police officer knelt on the neck of a black man, George Floyd, for minutes on end while George begged for air and a watching crowd pleaded for his life. Eventually, George stopped moving. He stopped begging for air. They called for an ambulance, but the officerContinue reading “In Defense of Rioters”

A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld

“I call it the ‘super-duper missile.’” -President Donald Trump It sounds like cruel satire, but that is an actual quote from the sitting president about new hypersonic missiles now in development. And while it’s a childish thing to say, and an easy target for mockery, it’s by far the tamest of his criticism-worthy moves lately.Continue reading “A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld”

Plandemic: An Article Outlining the Shoddy (yet remarkably successful) Plan to Take Control of your Critical Thinking

Right now, as you read this, a battle is being waged against an invisible enemy. Not COVID-19, oh no. Those tents set up in Central Park, you think those were for treating coronavirus patients? You poor, blind sheep. Can you handle the truth? It’s all a cover. The quarantine is a cover for a secretContinue reading “Plandemic: An Article Outlining the Shoddy (yet remarkably successful) Plan to Take Control of your Critical Thinking”

Please Stop Proving him Right: Part II

Back in November, I wrote about the leftward bias of the news media. I’m writing about it again, because it’s a serious problem that’s stoking our divisions and pushing people toward even less reliable information sources. When the networks we ought to be able to trust for objective news are so obviously not objective, it’sContinue reading “Please Stop Proving him Right: Part II”

The King of America

Step into my time machine. We’re going back to 2009, when we were facing the H1N1 flu epidemic. President Obama has declared a national emergency. His measures get pushback from several states. Determined to do whatever is necessary to save lives, during a press conference he explains the extent of his powers: “When somebody isContinue reading “The King of America”

Billionaires don’t want you to learn this simple trick: Turn $500 million into $327 trillion!

This past Thursday, MSNBC’s Brian Williams and his guest, Mara Gay of the New York Times, discussed this tweet by writer Mekita Rivas: Wow. “It’s an incredible way of putting it,” Williams says. Yeah, incredible in the true sense of the word. “It’s true. It’s disturbing,” Gay agrees. When I first saw this, I askedContinue reading “Billionaires don’t want you to learn this simple trick: Turn $500 million into $327 trillion!”

Democrats shouldn’t feel the Bern

It’s primary season in America. The challenging party is eager to win back the White House. Their frontrunner has no meaningful membership in their party. His candidacy has the support of around 30% of the party’s voters: the populist fringe. The remaining 70% are split among more moderate candidates. The incumbent’s party is going toContinue reading “Democrats shouldn’t feel the Bern”

Mitt Romney: from Monster to Messiah

We witnessed something extraordinary yesterday in this age of blind, fevered partisanship. Mitt Romney, once the presidential nominee of the Republican party, voted to convict his party’s leader for abusing his power. He stood alone. He knew he’d face severe backlash for his decision. “I am aware that there are people in my party andContinue reading “Mitt Romney: from Monster to Messiah”

Preaching from the Moral Low Ground

Conservative Christians and their leaders took to the internet in droves this week to protest the Super Bowl halftime show put on by Shakira and JLo. Millions of families, they argued, should not have been subjected to crotch shots of an extremely scantily-clad woman, nor to her provocative dancing on a stripper pole. This sexualContinue reading “Preaching from the Moral Low Ground”