Looking back, and leaning forward

This is embarrassing to admit, and exposes one of my many character flaws. But four years ago, I spent a little time wondering, “When Trump inevitably damages every institution that has supported him, should I say ‘I told you so?’” It’s an ugly inclination, I know. I’m sorry. I was feeling incredibly frustrated at theContinue reading “Looking back, and leaning forward”

Final thoughts about character

Maybe you’ve seen it recently, like I have (over and over and over): James Dobson’s “Final Thoughts about the Election.” I have to write about it; it’s just too much for me to take. For those unfamiliar, James Dobson is a household name in conservative Christian homes, and has been for decades. His Focus onContinue reading “Final thoughts about character”

How Should We Then Vote?

Now we come to it. I’ve known I’d have to write about this, and I’ve dreaded it. Normally, I’d say that who we vote for is personal, and nobody else needs to know. But I’ve been blogging about politics for the better part of a year now, and I felt it would be inauthentic toContinue reading “How Should We Then Vote?”

Democrats shouldn’t feel the Bern

It’s primary season in America. The challenging party is eager to win back the White House. Their frontrunner has no meaningful membership in their party. His candidacy has the support of around 30% of the party’s voters: the populist fringe. The remaining 70% are split among more moderate candidates. The incumbent’s party is going toContinue reading “Democrats shouldn’t feel the Bern”