Don’t Be a Useful Idiot

As Russia began its violent invasion of Ukraine, this image started making the rounds on Facebook. It’s a hit with the MAGA crowd. We need a hero, you see. Ukraine needs a hero. A strong, powerful leader who would stand up to Putin and put a stop to his aggression. “If only Trump were stillContinue reading “Don’t Be a Useful Idiot”

Final thoughts about character

Maybe you’ve seen it recently, like I have (over and over and over): James Dobson’s “Final Thoughts about the Election.” I have to write about it; it’s just too much for me to take. For those unfamiliar, James Dobson is a household name in conservative Christian homes, and has been for decades. His Focus onContinue reading “Final thoughts about character”

“So you’re okay with baby murder?”

“So you’re okay with killing babies?” Conservatives who oppose Donald Trump—or, horror of horrors, plan to vote for Joe Biden—are guaranteed to have some version of this accusation hurled at them from fellow pro-lifers. I’ve heard it plenty, especially since I explained publicly why I’ll be voting for Joe Biden. The retired leader of theContinue reading ““So you’re okay with baby murder?””

He knew. He knew all along.

So far, I haven’t blamed the president for COVID deaths. Blaming elected leaders for citizens’ deaths is a low blow, and almost always hyperbole. Yes, I’ve said he’s mismanaged our response to the pandemic; I’ve said he wasted precious time; he’s obviously undermined his own experts repeatedly. But I thought his behavior was born ofContinue reading “He knew. He knew all along.”

Trump/Russia was no hoax. And it was worse than we thought.

Remember the few years our country spent hearing about the Trump campaign’s ties to, and possible collusion with, Russia? Remember how President Trump insisted the entire time that the whole thing was a hoax? A witch hunt? Remember when the Mueller Report finally came out, and the president claimed it totally exonerated him? Only forContinue reading “Trump/Russia was no hoax. And it was worse than we thought.”

How Should We Then Vote?

Now we come to it. I’ve known I’d have to write about this, and I’ve dreaded it. Normally, I’d say that who we vote for is personal, and nobody else needs to know. But I’ve been blogging about politics for the better part of a year now, and I felt it would be inauthentic toContinue reading “How Should We Then Vote?”

When “You’re Fired” Backfires

In a move that’s drawn inevitable comparisons to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, Attorney General Bill Barr issued a press release after 9 pm on Friday night, announcing the replacement of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. “…I thank Geoffrey Berman, who is stepping down after two-and-a-half years of service as UnitedContinue reading “When “You’re Fired” Backfires”

A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld

“I call it the ‘super-duper missile.’” -President Donald Trump It sounds like cruel satire, but that is an actual quote from the sitting president about new hypersonic missiles now in development. And while it’s a childish thing to say, and an easy target for mockery, it’s by far the tamest of his criticism-worthy moves lately.Continue reading “A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld”

The King of America

Step into my time machine. We’re going back to 2009, when we were facing the H1N1 flu epidemic. President Obama has declared a national emergency. His measures get pushback from several states. Determined to do whatever is necessary to save lives, during a press conference he explains the extent of his powers: “When somebody isContinue reading “The King of America”