Please Stop Proving him Right

Have you ever wondered why the accusation of “fake news” and his attacks on media have been so well-received by Donald Trump’s supporters? It’s because he’s got a point. We on the right have known for years what so many on the left refuse to acknowledge: the news is biased. The most recent example stillContinue reading “Please Stop Proving him Right”

The Congress doth protest too much

If you’ve been paying attention to coverage of the impeachment process, you’ve heard things like this from the Republicans: “This is a coup.” “Democrats are trying to overthrow the duly-elected President.” “We have to defend the Constitution from this attack.” “Democrats are trying to undo the election, and the will of the American People.” EitherContinue reading “The Congress doth protest too much”

All Hail the Chief (Or Else)

The American Dream can take many forms, and can mean different things to different people. But some people’s stories match the description in uniquely fitting ways. Alexander Vindman is one of those people. Alexander was three years old when his Jewish family fled Soviet Ukraine. They came with $750 and the hope that life inContinue reading “All Hail the Chief (Or Else)”

Clown show at the Capitol

I know, I know. Evergreen title. But Rep. Matt Gaetz and his posse of House Republicans took things to a new level yesterday with their dishonest stunt. Here’s the story—from Fox News, for those who are inclined to call me biased. Gaetz led about 30 Republicans into the closed-door impeachment hearing, demanding to know what’sContinue reading “Clown show at the Capitol”

Greetings from No Man’s Land

I became homeless in March, 2016. Up until then, the GOP had been my political house. They could count on my support in every election, even though I was occasionally less than enthused about their candidates. I even served as a delegate for my district in the 2016 primaries.  But Trump happened. I watched inContinue reading “Greetings from No Man’s Land”