It’s over.

The election is over. Yes, vote counts must still be completed and certified. Yes, the Electoral College won’t vote until December. But it’s over. We know who won. Just like we always know who won before results are official.

I take that back. One time in the past 20 years, we had to wait until December to know who our next president would be. The 2000 presidential election hinged on one state, Florida, whose initial final count had less than 2,000 votes separating the candidates. The recount saw a 1,247 vote change in Al Gore’s favor, but it wasn’t enough.

Still, 1,247 votes changing in a recount is a pretty large shift. Usually, recounts don’t see shifts of more than a few hundred votes. The all-time record for vote shift in a recount is 2,567.

With vote counts nearly finished, here are Biden’s margins in the states Republicans are pinning their hopes on:

Georgia: 10,000+

Arizona: 17,000+

Nevada: 34,000+

Pennsylvania: 45,000+

It’s over.

What’s maddening is that if every state had counted mail-in ballots early, like Florida did, the presidential race would have been called on Election Day, and it wouldn’t be seen as particularly close. What’s more maddening is several key states, including Pennsylvania, wanted to start counting their mail-in ballots early, but this change was blocked by Republican state legislatures. Republicans ensured there would be delays in counting votes, then used the delays they caused to claim fraud.

Of course, the GOP is simply following the example of its leader. And claiming fraud is what he always does when he’s losing.

He did it when Ted Cruz beat him in the Iowa primary in 2016.

He did it leading up to the 2016 general election, when he and everyone else thought he would lose to Hillary Clinton.

During the 2018 senate race recount between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Tim Scott, he taunted Nelson, telling him to concede before the recount was finished, and implying election officials were dirty. (The recount saw an increase in votes for Nelson, but not enough for him to win the election.)

He spent months leading up to this election sowing doubt and suspicion.

What he and his supporters have not explained is why the Democrats, hundreds of poll workers, and election officials who conspired to steal the presidency forgot to also steal the Congressional seats Biden will need to accomplish his secret socialist agenda.

He put out a statement on Saturday morning, shortly after the election was called for Joe Biden, in which he repeated his claims of fraud and vowed, “I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

He spent the next three hours golfing.

He went golfing the next day, too.

Meanwhile, his campaign inundated supporters with fundraising emails, urgently requesting donations for the “Official Election Defense Fund.” The campaign sent at least 17 fundraising emails on Sunday alone. Trump’s official website tells supporters the president needs their money to stop Democrats who want to STEAL the election.

But in the fine print, you can see that 60% of donations will go toward paying off the campaign’s debts.

He primed his supporters to believe the election would be fraudulent. Then Republicans in state legislatures helped drag out the vote counting. And now that he’s lost, he’s going to squeeze his supporters for every dime while he still can.

But they believe in him. I’ve seen so many this weekend who fervently believe it’s not over, that he will still win, that he is fighting hard for them.

While he golfs and begs for their money and gets his lawsuits tossed out of court.

It makes me sad.

In 2016, Donald Trump shared some words of wisdom from a man he’s a big fan of. He’d do well to heed them himself now.

One thought on “It’s over.

  1. Jacyln! Hope you and the fam are doing well. Send my love.

    I just wanted to say I’ve thoroughly been enjoying your blog over the past year. In fact, I’d say your post about why you voted for Biden swayed me into doing the same. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, believe it or not, and had just planned on a third party vote somewhere because I believe our country deeply needs that. And not that my vote matters too much living in California….ha. I’ve seen it stated that someone’s vote in, say, Wisconsin is 4x more important than mine here in Cali.

    Anyways, regarding this post, why don’t people simply know and realize how the ENTIRE process works?!?! Blows my mind.

    Keep posting please!!!

    Ryan Lipman 214.797.3106



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