Taxes are only part of the story

After fighting tooth and nail for years to keep his tax returns secret, Donald Trump has been thwarted. Not by one of several court orders that he turn them over, but by an unnamed source who gave them to the New York Times. (Anticipating angry reactions, I will say here that based on my veryContinue reading “Taxes are only part of the story”

A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld

“I call it the ‘super-duper missile.’” -President Donald Trump It sounds like cruel satire, but that is an actual quote from the sitting president about new hypersonic missiles now in development. And while it’s a childish thing to say, and an easy target for mockery, it’s by far the tamest of his criticism-worthy moves lately.Continue reading “A Super-Duper Summary of the Past Few Weeks in Trumpworld”