Please Stop Proving him Right

Have you ever wondered why the accusation of “fake news” and his attacks on media have been so well-received by Donald Trump’s supporters?

It’s because he’s got a point.

We on the right have known for years what so many on the left refuse to acknowledge: the news is biased. The most recent example still hasn’t even hit major outlets, but social media has been blowing up about it all day.

This video has just surfaced from August. It shows ABC News anchor Amy Robach apparently venting to a room of people about how she had a witness, corroborating witnesses, and photographs confirming the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile/sex abuse story three years ago, but ABC spiked it. You should watch the video:

We already know that NBC squashed the Harvey Weinstein story, and according to Ronan Farrow’s account in Catch and Kill, that decision was influenced by Hillary Clinton, who pressured Farrow to drop his investigation of her loyal (and generous) supporter.

Now we learn that ABC did the same with the Jeffrey Epstein story. In the video, Robach says the network was worried about losing access to British royals, Will and Kate, since the Epstein story implicated Prince Andrew. Robach also says, “She was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us. Um, it was unbelievable what we had. Clinton—we had everything.”

Robach had this story in 2016. During the Presidential campaigns. When Bill Clinton’s wife was running for President. And ABC buried it.

ABC issued a statement, claiming that, “At the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air.” So, the victim’s testimony, corroborating witnesses, and photographs were not enough to meet their standards.

Yet when Julie Swetnick accused Brett Kavanaugh of drugging and gang-raping young women, ABC was happy to run that story. Apparently, salacious allegations against a conservative Supreme Court nominee met their standards, even though Swetnick’s allegations were never corroborated by any other witnesses, and at least two people she named as able to support her claims in both this and a previous lawsuit both say they never even met her until after the alleged events took place. Oh, and she later recanted her entire story and claimed she barely read the statement Michael Avenatti gave her to sign.

This is only one example. A personal favorite is the oft-repeated lie that the Obama Administration was scandal-free. I guess it was scandal-free if you ignore Fast and Furious, Benghazi, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” drone strikes on US citizens, using the IRS to target conservative groups, fighting nuns in court to force them to pay for contraception and abortion pills, and bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.

Republicans are used to this double standard from news media. Learning today that ABC spiked a huge story that could have harmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign is shocking, but not surprising.

You can say that Fox News is biased, that it’s nothing but state-run propaganda now, and I will agree with you. But if the rest of the news media want to stop being accused of being “fake news” by the President, they should stop proving him right so often.

Edit: After I published this post last night, I saw this from CNN’s Brian Stelter’s newsletter:

Stelter introduces the video as “obtained by a right-wing, pro-Trump activist group,” as if this somehow changes the content of the video.

And this, from the same newsletter:

So you see, a major news network intentionally buried a story in order to protect powerful men, saying nothing while a billionaire pedophile was allowed to continue raping underage girls for three more years, and the news outlets are the actual victims here. The true villains are, as always, people on the right who are angry about it.

Brian Stelter, please stop proving him right.

4 thoughts on “Please Stop Proving him Right

  1. Just a couple of quick semi-related comments:
    Trump calls “liberal” media FAKE because it is generally speaking telling the truth about him which he can’t take. The Stories about Weinstein and Epstein were killed by the network management in order to preserve their bottom line, i.e. money not necessarily because they were trying to hide the truth. News people have broken with their own management and questioned on air, why those decisions were made. (Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lester Holt)
    Fox News does conservatives a great disservice by it’s lack of truthfulness. It is the true FAKE news.
    It seems it has no desire to present Truth. It would be wonderful to have a conservative news source that was reliable and truthful.


    1. Hi, sorry for such a late reply; I got sick and forgot. We certainly agree about Fox News doing conservatives a disservice. It’s propaganda. I am curious about one thing you said: How did killing those stories save the networks money? Don’t big networks usually want to be the ones to break huge stories like those? I know they were worried about losing access to the Royal Family with the Epstein story, but that doesn’t explain Weinstein. Are you thinking of the powerful people they’d anger, and possibly face retribution from?


  2. Breaking down the words, fake and news. Shucking right down to the cob, fake is false which means it’s a lie. News used to mean daily information about the people, events and world around us. News was the who, what, where, how and why facts that made up a story. Today, the word news should probably not even be used to describe the job of media, but rather propaganda.

    This is true for both sides where facts and truth have been replaced by opinions and half truths. Combine this with the stories that are not reported at all but should be and you are left with misinformation or no information.


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